Checking for (and finding!) Blanding's Turtle hatchlings
The Turners' grandchild Max...
...and Max the Blanding's Turtle!

Arlyn and Jeanette Turner live in Pleasant River and own a Christmas tree farm. About six years ago, they discovered that Blanding’s Turtles were nesting near their house and on the road of their Christmas tree lot. They became dedicated stewards and watch over the nesting turtles in June,and hatchlings in the fall. They fondly say that the hatchling turtles are like their grandchildren and that they enjoy every minute they spend with this fascinating species.

As a result of their committed work, they were asked to name one of the 50 headstart Blanding’s Turtles that were released back into the wild in the summer of 2008. The name they chose was Max, after their first grandson. At nearly the same age, Max the turtle and Max the human will grow and mature over the same time period. Turtles are considered juveniles until they reach the age of 20 and can live 80+ years!