Monitoring Thread-Leaved Sundew
About to release Ela's hatchlings
Checking an eel pot

Carter Feltham is now 18 years old will be starting her first year of university in the fall of 2014, where she will be studying biology! When she was seven years old, she discovered that a population of endangered Blanding’s Turtles also lived in her community. For over a decade she has worked to protect the nest of a turtle named Ela that lays eggs on her grandfather's property. She protects the eggs that are laid by Ela from predators in June, and returns in the fall to monitor for hatchling turtles. But she doesn't stop there! Carter has also been involved in American Eel monitoring and other species at risk projects. She is the youngest inductee into the Volunteer Walk of Honour, with over 650 hours contributed so far. Her favourite part of volunteering is meeting new people, knowing that her efforts make a difference and that someday her future children will be able to do the same.