Group shot at the eel weir
Destiny and Jesse searching for Ribbonsnakes
Kyle and Megan giving a school presentation on species at risk

The Bear River L’sitkuk Environmental Youth Group was formed to involve and engage youth in environmental and cultural issues. Since its formation, the group has been involved in a number of species at risk projects. The youth group has been involved in Blanding’s Turtle tracking and hatchling emergence and Eastern Ribbonsnake surveys at Kejimkujik and McGowan Lake. They interviewed Elders about the American Eel, a traditionally important species at risk, to determine where the eel historically and presently occurs. Using this information, they built two eel weirs to catch and release eel during the fall migration. These weirs allow the eel population to be monitored every year to observe population changes and trends. A couple of the youth group members have given presentations to schools in southwest Nova Scotia on the Mi’kmaw philosophy towards the earth and species at risk. Their passion and dedication is inspiring to everyone that they meet and work with.