Amita looking for Eastern Ribbonsnakes
Their cozy family cottage nestled among the trees
Bruce searches the shoreline for Redroot

Bruce and Amita MacInnis live in Dartmouth and have a cottage on Molega Lake with a shoreline wetland. This wetland vegetation provides habitat for a diversity of species and the view of the lake from the cottage is spectacular! This wetland is teeming with fish fry, snakes, painted turtles, muskrats, and dragonflies that chase the deer flies away. With huckleberries, cranberries, and royal fern along the shore, they also discovered some treasures such as round-leaved sundew and narrow-leaf violets. From their place, they can see the shoreline across the lake where the Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora species Redroot occurs. They love and appreciate the species that live with them and report Eastern Ribbonsnake sightings to researchers. Bruce and Amita keep their shoreline natural to maintain the wetland, encourage the presence of wildlife, and to preserve the lake water quality.