Coastal Plain Flora Monitoring
Checking live turtle traps at a nature camp
Pat enjoying the sunset on Barrington Lake

Pat Hudson and Lillian Perry are sisters and have had cottages on Barrington Lake for many years. For the past 10 years, Lillian has been observing and monitoring over 20 species of Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora, including Tubercled Spike-rush and Virginia Meadow-Beauty. She has noticed that these species frequently move to different places on Barrington Lake and that it is important to protect all areas that are good habitat.

Pat has also been involved with flora surveys, and they both plan to continue rare plant monitoring and looking for other species at risk in the area. Pat writes funding proposals to run nature camps for children and adults. She teaches about the special nature of the southern shore and part of the program involves learning about species at risk. Pat and Lillian are also involved in the Piping Plover Guardian program and the Breeding Bird Atlas. Their enthusiasm and love of nature is an inspiration to others.