The Turners

Arlyn and Jeanette Turner live in Pleasant River and own a Christmas tree farm. About six years ago, they discovered that Blanding’s Turtles were nesting near their house and on the road of their Christmas tree lot. They became dedicated stewards and watch over the nesting turtles in June,and hatchlings in the here to read more

L’sitkuk Environmental Youth Group

The Bear River L’sitkuk Environmental Youth Group was formed to involve and engage youth in environmental and cultural issues. Since its formation, the group has been involved in a number of species at risk here to read more

Carter Feltham

Carter Feltham is now 18 years old will be starting her first year of university in the fall of 2014, where she will be studying biology! When she was seven years old, she discovered that a population of endangered Blanding’s Turtles also lived in her here to read more

Caroline Power and Phyllis Westbury

Caroline Power and Phyllis Westbury spend the summer at their cottage on Ponhook Lake. They volunteer for the Nova Scotia Nature Trust as rare plant monitors and record the distribution and abundance of rare Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora species in their here to read more

The MacInnises

Bruce and Amita MacInnis live in Dartmouth and have a cottage on Molega Lake with a shoreline wetland. This wetland vegetation provides habitat for a diversity of species and the view of the lake from the cottage is spectacular! here to read more

The MacQuarries

You never know how close you may be to species at risk- they may even nest in your garden! Gerald and Evelyna MacQuarrie live in Pleasant River. One night in June they were surprised to discover Fern  Blanding’s Turtle digging a nest in their here to read more.

Pat Hudson and Lillian Perry

Pat Hudson and Lillian Perry are sisters and have had cottages on Barrington Lake for many years. For the past 10 years, Lillian has been observing and monitoring over 20 species of Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora, including Tubercled Spike-rush and Virginia here to read more.

The Coles

Eric and Judy Cole live in North Brookfield in a house built by Judy’s great, great, great, grandfather in 1820. Their property borders a river and two lakes and they share their property with a multitude of species such as flying squirrels, herons, snakes, turtles, old white ash trees, common nighthawks, and here to read more.