Blanding's Turtle Range





Blanding’s Turtles live in southwestern Nova Scotia and are separated into at least three genetically distinguishable populations: Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site, McGowan Lake, and Pleasant River. Researchers are still learning about their range in the province. In the past few years, volunteers have located new concentrations on the Medway River and in the Tobeatic Wilderness area. Recent sighting reports from members of the public suggest that there may still be other populations out there waiting to be discovered. Keep your eyes out for them in lakes and wetlands or up digging on land during the nesting season and report sightings!


Eastern Ribbonsnake Range





Eastern Ribbonsnakes occur in southwestern Nova Scotia but because they are elusive and camouflage well in lakeshore and wetland habitats, their range is not fully known. Researchers have been doing numerous surveys for this species over the last few years and it is likely that the Eastern Ribbonsnake is present throughout much of the range indicated above, but likely to occur outside the highlighted area as well. There is much to learn about the behaviour and range of this species and if you observe one, please report your sighting.


Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora

This table indicates the known locations of the 13 listed Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora species. Further locations will likely be added as surveys and monitoring continue. To view printable maps showing the distribution of lakeshore ACPF species around each lake, visit and click on ‘Data and Maps’.