What are Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora?
The Atlantic coastal plain is the relatively flat land along the Atlantic Coast from Florida to Nova Scotia. Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora are the group of plant species that are mainly restricted to this area.
  • There are over 90 species of Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora in Nova Scotia.
  • It is important to preserve good Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora habitat even if no species are currently present. These species move around naturally over time and need favourable areas to settle.
  • Found in habitats such as wetlands, salt marshes, estuaries, and lake shorelines.
  • Adapted to low nutrient habitats that receive high levels of natural disturbance like wave action, ice scour, changing water levels, and waterlogged conditions.
  • Due to these harsh conditions competition from other species is low.


Nova Scotia is a Special Place!
The low nutrient, high disturbance shorelines in this province are the most diverse Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora habitat in Canada. These plants represent a unique part of the biodiversity of this province. We need to maintain and protect this habitat to ensure that we don’t lose this distinctive and diverse group.