Report a Sighting

One of the main challenges to conserving the Eastern Ribbonsnake is lack of knowledge. We still do not know the extent of the species' range in Nova Scotia or the number of populations. Researchers try to find ribbonsnakes by conducting surveys, but southwest Nova Scotia is large and contains many wetlands. You can help narrow the search by reporting any sightings of ribbonsnakes.

      If you see a ribbonsnake:

  • Please leave the snake alone and try not to disturb it

  • Report the sighting on our online reporting page or by calling our toll-free reporting line:1-866-727-3447

  • If you don't mind, please leave your name and number so that researchers can contact you with any questions they might have. Common questions include: 

    • When and where did you see the snake?

    • Can you give us directions to the site?

    • What did the snake look like? How big was it?

    • What was the habitat like (e.g. along a lake or a stream, on a lawn)? 

    • What was the snake doing?

If you have taken a photo of the snake or the area in which you saw it, we would appreciate seeing a copy of the photograph.