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The Bay of Fundy Region

The unforgettable Bay of Fundy.  This unique ecosystem, located in eastern Canada's maritime region, is world renowned for its extreme daily high tides, highly productive fishery, dramatic rocky coastline and distinctive cultural history.  The Fundy coastline lies within the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

The network of salt marshes, estuaries, mud flats and other habitats surrounding the Bay Fundy is the source of the system's biological richness.  Coastal areas, particularly the shores of the upper Bay of Fundy, produce the energy that keeps the Fundy ecosystem thriving. The productive lands and waters of Fundy attracted early peoples.  The area's wealth of resources also caused early European settlers to first establish along Fundy's shore upon their arrival to this continent.

Today, the Bay of Fundy continues to influence the character of daily life in the region.  The area's tourism, recreation, commerce and creative arts are all closely entwined with the pulse of Fundy.


Upper Bay of Fundy


Corophium volutator

The Bay of Fundy is located in Canada's Atlantic coast.

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