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From 2001 – 2005, the Bay of Fundy Shorebird Project (FSP) coordinated efforts to conserve coastal habitat in the upper Bay of Fundy.  Sections of the Bay of Fundy are critical to the survival of global populations of migratory shorebirds.  The FSP operated in two of Canada’s Atlantic provinces: Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  In New Brunswick, the project focused on purchasing sensitive coastal land, and bolstering existing interpretive facilities. 

In Nova Scotia, the outright purchase of land is not an effective means of conserving shorebirds due to the pattern of land ownership.  Consequently, a  stewardship-based programme was required for conserving critical sites. In Nova Scotia the project protected habitat in key areas through various means: formal conservation agreements, stewardship, public education, and, to a lesser degree, land acquisition.  The Project’s legacy includes community-driven stewardship actions in key locations; new working partnerships for effecting shorebird conservation; and enduring educational products which promote the conservation of migratory shorebirds and other coastal wildlife. 

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 Illustration: Robert Lyon

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